Fun Group Singing
Relieve stress
Make new Friends
Enjoy your voice
At the Secret Choir, the rehearsal IS the performance. We welcome aspiring amateurs of all levels. Our voice-positive group for both drop-ins and regular singers is all practice, no show.
Elisabeth Swim, M.A.
What a gentle way to de-stress and knock loose some creativity!
Creative and Inspiring! 
A compassionate way to sing
Secret Choristers, 2019
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What is the Secret Choir?
Imagine a LIVE, INTERACTIVE musical open house for all ages. A book club with songs instead of books.

A place to spend time with people who enjoy music, to explore music without pressure. To sing for the joy of it. A place where your voice is welcome just as it is.

One Saturday per month, The Secret Choir meets to sing layered folk songs known as rounds. The harmonies and rhythms we create refresh the mind for whatever is next in your day or evening.

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The Secret Choir is for you if:

You want to be more creative and don't know how.

As an artist you have experienced a creative block.

You are recovering from trauma or stress.

You want to meet people who know, like you, that there is more to life than appearances and achievements.

You used to sing and you miss it! 

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Some people wonder ... 

Is this karaoke?

No, but it will definitely support your ease of breathing and singing lyrics with the confidence needed at a karaoke setup (not having a monitor to hear yourself can make things tricky!)

I'm very shy. What if I don't feel comfortable joining in?

No worries. You are welcome to come as you are and sing as much or as little as you want. But because your voice will join voices with the group, you might be pleasantly surprised at your willingness to sing!

I'm tone deaf. Won't I mess up the group?

Your voice and musicality are welcome just as they are. Once you start singing with the group, you might be surprised at how in sync you feel.

What if I don't have rhythm?

The Secret Choir is a great place to build rhythmic listening and singing skills. But I want to offer this: breathing is a rhythmic activity. So is any motor movement you do to get around. As per the last two questions, you might be surprised at how much you can do with the group! 

Saturdays are hard for me. Do you have weekday meetings?

When Secret Choir first started out we did meet on a weekday as well as on a weekend. During those times, it was more challenging to get a sizeable group together for any of the meetings. If you have a weekday on which you would love to meet, please let me know:

The Secret Choir: where the rehearsal IS the performance is funded in part by the City of Houston through the Houston Arts Alliance. 
Next on Jan 11
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